Summer Camp Pack List

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How to Pack:

Scouts should have two bags, a large rucksack or sailing bag and a smaller day bag/backpack.

Packed lunch for the first day

General gear:

Sleeping Bag

Ground Mat

Changes of clothes for 10 days (preferably including stuff that can also be worn boating)

Hiking boots

Spare Runners

Rain gear (top and bottom)

Camping bowl, plate, and cutlery.

Tea towels x 2

Water Bottle



Shower Gel

Toothbrush & tooth paste

Warm Gear (hoodies + a hat)

Suncream and aftersun

Bivvy/Survival Bag (can be found in trespass)

Boating Gear:

We would ask that scouts don’t bring wetsuits as they take up a lot of space and are nearly impossible to dry.

Buoyancy Aid

Booties/old runners

Swim shorts

Rash vests/ old tops

A cag