Membership of 8ú Calafort is open to all regardless of race, creed, or fluency in the Irish language. However, because resources are limited (mainly human resources) and the growing popularity of scouting in general and 8ú Calafort in particular, the group is forced to operate a waiting list system for new entrants to most sections. Learn how to join 8ú Calafort.


Scouting is a uniformed organisation and all members must wear the prescribed uniform as laid down by the national organisation. Each section has a slightly different uniform to distinguish them, the younger sections being less formal than the older ones.

Details of the uniforms are provided to scouts when they join and the leaders of each section will advise you when it is appropriate to obtain a uniform. Uniforms can be purchased new or sourced second hand from within the group or from families of former members.

As part of the uniform each member must wear a neckerchief or scarf. Each scout group wears a uniquely coloured or patterned scarf creating a bond within the group and a sense of identity outside it. The 8ú Calafort scarf is green and gold.

We cannot emphasise how important it is that cubs and scouts attend their weekly meetings in full and proper uniform unless instructed otherwise by the leaders. Failure to comply with this requirement on a persistent basis may result in the member being sent home from his/her section meeting.

Nor can we emphasise enough how important it is that uniforms are maintained in a proper and presentable fashion. The group sets itself a high standard in everything it does – the uniform is the outward expression of this.

Uniforms and other scouting equipment and accessories can be obtained from

The Outdoor Activity Store,
34/35 Upper Liffey St,
Dublin 1.
(phone 01- 872 5177)

Fees and Finance

As you can imagine, operating a Sea Scout Group for 170 people with all the equipment and physical resources that that entails costs money.

The group is fortunate to own a sizeable fleet of boats, canoes, related equipment and a sizeable premises on the West Pier, Dun Laoghaire Harbour. All of this must be maintained, renewed and insured by US!!

All members participating in activities with the group are covered by appropriate personal insurance arranged by and through the national organisation.

As with all insurances, costs have been increasing out of all proportion to the ability of most of us to pay. To cover these costs, in addition to paying for light & heat etc, all members are required to pay an annual membership fee or subscription, details of which are sent to each member of the Group.


In addition to the annual subscription or fee the Group is forced to undertake various fund raising activities throughout the year such as a table quiz, raffles and Christmas tree sales etc. to make ends meet. It is absolutely essential that all parents do their utmost to support these events if membership fees are not to escalate to such an extent that scouting becomes inaccessible to some. It should also be remembered that these events only meet the day to day costs of the group. Raising funds for new equipment or for future development of the premises is over and above this.

In these rapidly changing and uncertain times, parents may have some difficulty meeting the annual subscription or the costs of a camp or event. Should this situation arise parents should contact the Treasurer or Group Leader who will be glad to discuss it in the strictest confidence.

We would encourage you not only to attend these events and support the fund raisings but to bring along friends and relatives too, they are always enjoyable! Scouting, contrary to what some might believe receives no funding whatsoever from national or local government other than the occasional grant for equipment or training.

Parents & Friends Committee

As with most scout groups, 8ú Calafort operates a Parents & Friends Committee. The purpose of this committee is to act as a support to the leaders of each section in the group and in this group assume responsibility for finance, planning and development of the group thereby leaving leaders fully available to pursue their section programmes unfettered by routine and mundane administrative chores.

The committee undertakes many secretarial aspects of the group and the treasurer is responsible for managing the finances of the group including collection of annual subscriptions from member families.

Any parent who would like to attend a Parents & Friends Committee meeting is free to do so and should contact the secretary to arrange this in advance. There is at the moment no limitation on joining the committee but in the event of a swamping of the committee by new members, a limitation on numbers might have to be imposed.

It is the ambition of the Parents & Friends Committee to establish a tiered level of involvement by parents in the group. Parents can become involved at a level which is practicable for them. Perhaps you would be prepared to give just one half day a year for some purpose and no more? The Parents & Friends committee will be undertaking to collate all this information together during the coming year.