Commando Course 2024

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The 2024 Commando Course will take place this Saturday, 10th February, in Lough Dan. This is an obstacle course that involves Manannán and Fodhla. Scouts should be down in Lough Dan for 10.30am and the event will finish up around 3pm (some older scouts will be expected to go back to the den afterwards to unload and pack away gear).

Lifts will be organised by each Watch so Scouts should make sure they attend their meetings on Thursday/Friday to learn lift details (contact Watch Leaders if unavailable for meeting).

Scouts should make sure they bring the following gear:

  • Manannán/Fodhla Hoodie and Neckerchief
  • Old clothes to do the commando course- runners, shorts/trousers, t-shirt (these will get very muddy so cheap clothes recommended)
  • Full change of clothes
  • Jacket, Fleece, Hat, Gloves to stay warm
  • Lunch and Water