Midterm boatwork

Manannán News

As most Scouts are on midterm break this week, Manannán will be running additional boatwork sessions at the following times to help get the boats ready for the boating season:

Tuesday 19th: 1100-1300

Wednesday 20th: 1100-1300

Thursday 21st: 1100-1300

Friday 22nd: 1100-1300

Saturday 23rd: 1100-1300 (as normal)

Sunday 24th: 1100-1300 (as normal)

This is a great opportunity for Scouts to build up boatwork hours towards fulfilling their quota (16 hours for 3rd years and older, 14 hours for first and second years).

Table Quiz on Friday 8 February

Manannán News

8ú Calafort’s annual Table Quiz will be held in the DMYC on Friday 8 February. The event will start at 1900hrs, and entry is €5 per person or €15 per family. All Scouts should attend the Table Quiz as it is a fun event which raises vital funds for the Group.

There will be no regular Friday meeting in the Den on 8 February, with meetings resuming as normal on 15 February. Boatwork sessions will be run as normal from 1100-1300hrs on Saturday and Sunday 9-10 February.

First Manannán meeting 11 January

Manannán News

Guím Athbhliain faoi mhaise oraibh thar ceann 8ú Calafort Manannán!

The first Manannán meeting of the New Year will be on Friday 11 January from 1930-2100hrs. New members are asked to come down for 1900hrs to meet their Watch Leader and Assistant Watch Leader.

Scouts must have full Sea Scout uniform at every Friday meeting. In addition, Scouts should be prepared for outdoor activities for the meeting on 11 January.

Boatwork sessions will also commence this weekend, with boatwork running on Saturday and Sunday from 1100-1300hrs. Please refer to our events calendar for other activity dates.

Tá súil againn go mbainfidh gach duine taitneamh as an mbliain!

Manannán winter break

Manannán News

Following our successful trip to Wales, the last Manannán meeting of 2018 will be on Friday 9 November. The troop will then break up until early January. Please note that the deadline for the non-refundable deposit of €150 for Summer Camp 2019 is also 9 November.

We sincerely hope everyone has enjoyed the year. Bain taitneamh as an mbriseadh!