Eriu IMC Hut Trip

Eriú News

Eriu enjoyed their annual trip to the IMC Hut in Glendasan. After a damp morning start to the Spinc hike on Sat, the weather improved and the cubs counted the steps up to the Spinc before heading around the valley with different Sixers in charge for various stretches, using their map-reading and observation skills. After their dinner of chicken curry, the tired but happy cubs enjoyed their campfire with lots of songs and many marshmallows to toast and make into s’mores. A couple of older cubs even had the energy for a night hike up to the Wicklow Gap under clear, starry skies, with a pause at the top to watch watch the bats fly around and to gaze up at the amazing Milky Way. On Sunday morning after the usual yummy breakfast of pancakes and Nutella, Conall and Killian lead the group for the hike alongside the Glendasan River and up St.Kevin’s Pilgrimage Path, to the ruined Mining Village at the Wicklow Gap. The cubs enjoyed a sunny lunch, story telling, songs and some games of chasing and kick-the-can before heading back to the den to pack up and head home.