Anglesey Hostelling Trip (Manannán) – update

Manannán News

The balance of €100 for Manannán’s upcoming hostelling trip to Wales is due at the meeting next Friday, 14 October. The final deadline to pay this balance is Friday 28 October.

Please note that we will have no meeting on Friday 21 October.

For any Scout who requested Scouting Ireland Travel Insurance, this costs an additional €10.60 on top of the balance. We arrange this through National Office, and no further action is required by Scouts for this.

A Medical and Consent Form required by the activity operators, Anglesey Outdoors, has been sent out to parents. We ask that this be filled out and returned with the balance.

The following are details of our hostelling trip for your reference:

We will be getting the ferry from Dublin Port to Holyhead on the Friday afternoon, 4 November, and returning to Dublin by ferry on the Sunday afternoon, 6 November. We will be staying in Anglesey Outdoors hostel, and activities will be arranged through the hostel. The itinerary will be as follows:

Friday 4 November
1300 Meet at Dublin Port departures
1430 Dublin Swift ferry departs Dublin
1630 Arrival in Port of Holyhead, Anglesey
1700 Walk to hostel
1730 ETA at Anglesey Outdoors Hostel
1830 Dinner
Saturday 5 November
0800 Breakfast
0915 Orienteering/ bush craft
1245 Lunch
1315 Sea-Level Traversing
1645 Return to hostel
1800 Dinner
2030 Night hike
Sunday 6 November
0830 Breakfast
0930 Depart hostel, walk to Port of Holyhead
1150 Dublin Swift ferry departs Holyhead
1339 Arrival in Dublin Port
1400 Collection from Dublin Port arrivals

A full gear list will be posted on the website closer to the date, along with final arrangements.

The total cost of this trip is €150, with a cost breakdown as follows:

  • Transport (ferry): €39
  • Accommodation (hostel): €32
  • Activities: €45
  • Food: €20
  • Miscellaneous: €14
  • =Total cost: €150

The final balance now due is €100. Cheques must be made out to ‘GASOGA MARA 8’.

If you have any questions regarding this trip, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the Section Leaders, or Scouts should contact their Watch Leader.