Summer Camp 2016 (Manannán)

Manannán News

This year’s Summer Camp will be based on Loch Síleann, Co. Cavan. Manannán will camp from 15-24 July.


All Scouts are expected to participate in camp preparations in the week leading up to camp. The times are as follows:

Wednesday 13 July, 1900 – boats to be recovered from water

Thursday 14 July, 1300 – truck day; all boats and camp equipment will be loaded onto the truck

All Scouts must be in the Den at 0900 on Friday 15 July, wearing full uniform with hiking boots instead of black shoes. Everyone will need to bring a packed lunch for Friday.

We expect to be back in the Den by 1530 on Sunday 24 July.


Gear list

All gear should be packed lined with bin liners in case of heavy rain.

Medication if required – must be brought to attention of Section Leaders

Packed lunch for Friday

Full Sea Scout uniform (excluding black shoes)

Hiking boots

Rain gear (jacket and leggings)

Small rucksack for day trips

Sleeping bag

Ground mat

Bivvy bag

Clothing for ten days (t-shirts, jumpers, shorts, trousers, underwear etc.)

Warm clothing (fleece, hat etc.)

Old runners

Boating gear (PFD, swimming shorts, boating shoes, rain gear)


Wash bag/toiletries

Sun cream

Insect repellent

1l. water bottle

Torch (with spare batteries)

Bowl, cup, spoon, knife, fork

Tea towel x2

Spending money (no more than €5)

Mobile phones are NOT PERMITTED on this trip.



The total cost of Summer Camp is €220 (including €50 deposit). The balance must be paid by Friday 8 July; this can be paid in cash or by a cheque payable to ‘GASOGA MARA 8’.


If any Scout has to arrive late or leave camp early for any reason, this must be brought to the attention of the Section Leaders by Friday 8 July.

Scouts should contact their Watch Leader with any questions.

Go raibh maith agaibh.