Fodhla – Summer Camp 2016

Fódhla News

Gear list
All gear should be packed lined with bin liners in case of heavy rain.
Medication if required – must be brought to attention of Section Leader
Full Sea Scout uniform incl Duck – (excluding black shoes)
Hiking boots
Rain gear (jacket and leggings)
Small rucksack for day trips
Sleeping bag
Ground mat
Bivvy bag
Clothing for ten days (t-shirts, jumpers, shorts, trousers, underwear etc. – but please don’t overpack – remember this is a scout camp, not a family holiday !!)
Warm clothing (fleece, hat etc.)
Old runners
Boating gear (PFD, swimming shorts, boating shoes – flip flops not permitted in boats -, rain gear)
Wash bag/toiletries
Sun cream
Insect repellent
1 Litre. water bottle
Torch (with spare batteries)
Tea towel x2
Spending money (no more than €5)

Mobile phones are NOT PERMITTED on this camp.

If any Scout has to arrive late or leave camp early for any reason, this must be brought to the attention of the Section Leader.

Directions to site will be posted here shortly.