Hamill Cup Competition, Howth 2017

Fódhla News

Fódhla entered two teams in this year’s Hamill Cup Junior Seamanship Competition, hosted at the 7th Port Howth Sea Scout den. The girls had an early 8am start but spent their time on the DART going over their theory for the various competition sections.

This is a challenging competition and all teams are examined in the following skill and knowledge areas:  Rowing as a crew; Punt rowing and anchoring; Water safety; Parts of a rowing boat; Boat maintenance and whipping; Pioneering; Flag etiquette; Rigging and parts of a sailing boat; Uniform inspection; First aid

Each team had it strengths, with the A team doing particularly well in Pioneering and Water Safety. Both teams had fun, enjoyed the day and learned some new skills along the way. Maith sibh!

Many thanks to Howth Sea Scouts for a fantastic job running this big event and for taking the following photos of our teams during the competition. A special mention here to the two Aislings who volunteered to help Liam and the 7th Port Crew with the running of the event – great reports back on their help and speedy work between all the stations.