Luas Lasrach

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The Luas Lasrach takes place this Saturday February 27. Luí Isteach is at the Cowper Luas Stop at 11.00am and should finish up 3.30pm.

For those who are not aware of what the events is, it’s a scavenger hunt of sorts, which takes place along the green Luas Line between St. Stephens Green & Sandyford stations.

Starts and finishes at Cowper station where the Watches are given a map & book which contains clues to the names of the stations they need to visit. Each station will have a number of questions relating to the area. Some will have manned bases they need to find to complete a task. The points for each station vary, so they need to work out how the gain as many points as possible within the time given.

On the day you will need:.
– a 1 day Luas flexi ticket or your leap card if you have one.
– Uniform for fall in & presentation.
– Lunch and a drink (not in a can)

There is no entry fee for this event.