Parents Boating & BBQ night Friday June 5

Group News

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Wouldn’t you like to experience some of the fun that your children
experience on the water in Dun Laoghaire Harbour? Or, if the boating
doesn’t grab you, take the opportunity to meet up with the the
Parents/Guardians of your children’s fellow Scouts or Cubs?

Well here is a ‘one off’ opportunity!

We are having a Boating and BBQ night for Parents/Guardians on Friday 5th June. The plan is to go out in the boats to tour the harbour for an hour or so commencing at 6.30. This will be followed by a steak and chicken barbecue on the balcony (weather permitting) in the DMYC ( Dun Laoghaire Motor and Yacht Club, opposite the den).

AS you probably know, the 8U Calafort has a very strong relationship with the DMYC. Members have very kindly offered to take us out in their boats (not the small ones the Scouts use!), and we are really grateful for their generosity.

We really need to have a good idea of the number of people attending on the night as we will have to allocate boat places, and we are also engaging a Caterer for the food. *Please advise of your intention to attend.*

*DO COME ALONG,* as it is a great way for the Parents/Guardians to meet up and get to know each other.  Who knows, you might have FUN!

The Steak and Chicken supper will include salad and potatoes and will be followed by dessert. Wine will also be available at a reduced price.

*All of the above for a mere 15 euro!