Manannan Splashdown Gear List

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Hi guys,

For those going on splashdown we will be meeting in the den on Friday at 1800 and will head down to Lough Dan from there. Pick up will be around 12 on Monday from Lough Dan. WL’s will organise lifts for each watch. There will be some boating on this camp so the guys will need boating gear with them. Total cost for the weekend is €30. Below is a gear list. Everyone should have all these things with them.

Full uniform (neckerchief, belt, whistle, knife and lanyard, jumper and scout trousers)

Manannan hoodie (for those who have them)

Boating gear (buoyancy aid, swimming togs, tshirt, light water proofs)

Hiking boots

Full rain gear (top and bottoms, preferably separate to the ones being used for boating)

Change of clothes for the weekend


Small rucksack for hike

Sleeping bag

Ground mat


1l water bottle

Knife, fork, spoon, cup, plate, bowl

Towel x2

Tea Towel

Wash Kit

€5 spending money (no more)

Electronics brought at owners risk

NO MOBILE PHONES (any found will be confiscated)


Eoghan Carrigg