Hostelling Gear List

Manannán News


Manannan will be hostelling from this Friday, March 21 until Sunday, March 23 in Glendalough Hostel. We will meet in the den on Friday at 1800 and pickup in Glendalough hostel on Sunday is at 1200 (lifts are being arranged by each Watch Leader). Total cost (including 5€ deposit) is €30, which must be paid in full on Friday. Any queries feel free to contact myself or Feargus. Below is a gear list for the weekend:

Manannan hoodie and neckerchief

Hiking boots

Rain gear (top and bottoms)

Warm Jumper for hike

1L water bottle

Small rucksack for hike

Change of clothes for the weekend


Wash kit


Knife, fork, spoon, cup, plate, bowl

All electronics are brough at your own risk

MOBILE PHONES are not allowed and will be confiscated