Manannan Hostelling Gear List

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Hey Guys,

Hostelling is this weekend from Friday 8th November until Sunday 10th in Lough Dan. We will be meeting at the den at 6 on Friday evening. Pick up will be on Sunday at around 2:30. This year the guys will be trying out a commando course on the sunday morning so please ensure they have appropriate gear for that.

Here is a gear list:

Manannan Hoodie and Neckerchief

Hiking Boots

Rain Gear (top and Bottoms)

Sleeping Bag (hostel does not provide sheets or blankets)

General change of clothes (shoes, socks, underwear, tshirts, jumpers, trousers)

Clothes for commando course (these will get very dirty so ensure they are not good clothes)- old shoes, old tshirt, old trousers or shorts


Wash Kit

Water bottle and flask

Torch and High Vis jacket

Warm Jumper (Fleece)

Black Sack (for dirty clothes)

Small Rucksack for Hike

Cup, bowl, plate, knife, fork, spoon

Electronic equipment brought at owners risk


The total cost is €20 (including the deposit), so most people owe €10 which can be paid on Friday.

Any questions feel free to contact myself or Feargus.


Eoghan Carrigg