Austria 2019 bag packing

Manannán News

To fundraise for our upcoming Summer Camp to Austria, Manannán will be bag packing on the evening of Thursday, 9 May, in Cornelscourt Dunnes Stores. We will be bag packing from 1800-2200hrs, and have split this time into two shift: 1800-2000hrs and 2000-2200hrs. All Scouts attending Summer Camp must sign up to one of these shifts using the below link, with a minimum of 16 Scouts needed for each shift.

Scouts must sign up here before Sunday 28 April.

For bag packing, Scouts must wear their Manannán t-shirt and neckerchief (washed, ironed and properly rolled).

Go raibh maith agaibh.

Easter boatwork update

Manannán News

To get the boats ready for the boating season, Manannán Watch Leaders will be running additional boatwork sessions over the Easter break:

Monday 15th 1100-1300hrs

Tuesday 16th 1100-1300hrs

Wednesday 24th 1100-1300hrs

Thursday 25th 1100-1300hrs

Friday 26th 1100-1300hrs

All Scouts are reminded that they must each contribute 14 hours (1st and 2nd years)/ 16 hours (3rd years and above) of boatwork before the boating season starts in May.

Go raibh maith agaibh.

Campa na Cásca (Manannán)

Manannán News

Manannán will be camping in Powerscourt Demesne over Easter weekend, from Friday 19 until Monday 22 April.

Scouts must come down to the Den on the Friday in full uniform, with hiking boots instead of black shoes.


We will be meeting in the Den at 1000hrs on Friday 19 April, with lifts leaving for Powerscourt between 1030hrs and 1100hrs once personal gear has been checked and group equipment loaded. We expect to be leaving Powerscourt on Monday 22 April at 1100hrs, and finished putting equipment away in the Den at 1230hrs. Watch Leaders will arrange lifts to and from Powerscourt for their watches.


Click here for directions to the gate into Powerscourt Demesne. From here, you will be directed to the Manannán campsite.

Gear List:

Each Scout must have every item on this list to be permitted to go on this trip; Watch Leaders will be checking gear before departure from the Den on Friday.

Medication if required – MUST be brought to attention of Section Leader

Packed lunch for Friday

Full uniform (excluding black shoes)

Manannán training top (except new members)

Sleeping bag

Ground mat

Small rucksack for hike

Hiking boots

Rain gear (top and bottoms)

Water bottle (min. 1 litre)

Warm clothing (hat, gloves, scarf, fleece)

Adequate clothing for 3 nights (spare trousers, boxers, socks, t-shirts, spare jumper)

Plate, bowl, cup, knife, fork, spoon

Tea towel (for Watch)

Wash gear, towel


Sun cream, insect repellent

No more than €5 spending money

Mobile phones ARE NOT PERMITTED on this trip. Scouts who need to contact home during the trip can do so through the Section Leaders.


The cost of this camp has been communicated by each Watch Leader to their own watches.


New members will be formally invested into the Manannán troop over Easter Camp by making the Scout Promise. All Scouts must have full uniform for this. Any new member who has purchased a neckerchief from the Group for €10 will be presented with their neckerchief upon investiture.

Scouts should contact their Watch Leader with any queries.

Knockree hostelling (Manannán)

Manannán News

The Manannán troop will be hiking from Marlay Park to Knockree Hostel on Saturday 9 March, and hiking back to Marlay Park on Sunday 10 March.


We will meet in the Grange Road car park (i.e. NOT the back car park) in Marlay Park at 1030hrs on Saturday morning. We expect to be back in the same car park by 1600hrs on Sunday afternoon.


Please click here for directions to Marlay Park’s Grange Road car park.

Gear List:

Medication if required – MUST be brought to attention of Section Leader

Packed lunch for Saturday hike

Rucksack (lined with black sacks to keep contents dry)

Manannán training top (if Scout has one) and neckerchief

Hiking boots

Rain gear (top and bottoms)

Water bottle (min. 1 litre)

Warm clothing (hat, gloves, scarf, fleece)

Adequate clothing for 1 night stay (spare trousers, boxers, socks, t-shirt, jumper)

Hi-vis jacket

Tea towel (for watch)

Wash gear, towel

Torch, whistle

Mobile phones ARE NOT PERMITTED on this trip.


The cost of this trip is €35. This can be paid in cash or by cheque (payable to  “GASOGA MARA 8”), and we will collect this at the meeting on Friday 1 March.

Scouts should contact their Watch Leader with any questions. Go raibh maith agaibh.

Manannán training programme

Manannán News

Adventure Skills/Nautical Skills

Manannán are following a training programme on Friday nights while the boats are out of the water. The first few weeks cover Knots, in addition to the following Adventure Skills: Emergencies, Hillwalking, Camping, Pioneering and Sailing. Later on, other Nautical Skills will be covered.

Any Scout who is interested in being awarded an Adventure Skills or a Nautical (Helmsman or Navigator) Badge can discuss this with their Watch Leader or with the Section Leaders. Go to the following links for information on the requirements for various badges:

Adventure Skills (all Scouts/Ventures)

Helmsman Badge (Scouts 11-15)

Navigator Badge (Ventures 15-17) 


All Scouts must have access to the Sea Scout Book. This is available to download as a PDF here.

Midterm boatwork

Manannán News

As most Scouts are on midterm break this week, Manannán will be running additional boatwork sessions at the following times to help get the boats ready for the boating season:

Tuesday 19th: 1100-1300

Wednesday 20th: 1100-1300

Thursday 21st: 1100-1300

Friday 22nd: 1100-1300

Saturday 23rd: 1100-1300 (as normal)

Sunday 24th: 1100-1300 (as normal)

This is a great opportunity for Scouts to build up boatwork hours towards fulfilling their quota (16 hours for 3rd years and older, 14 hours for first and second years).