Big Beach Clean: September 2018

Group News, Manannán News

Thank you and well done to all from 8ú Calafort who participated in the Big Beach Clean 2018. As part of a national initiative, the 8ú Calafort team spent half an hour removing litter from the vicinity of Dún Laoghaire Inner Harbour, and collected the following:

94 cigarette butts

79 aluminium cans

74 plastic bags

55 food wrappers

40 plastic bottles

25 paper bags

23 plastic forks/knives/spoons

21 metal bottle caps

20 paper cups/plates

18 glass bottles

17 plastic bottle caps

15 plastic lids

9 plastic cups/plates

5 plastic take-away containers

5 foam cups/plates

4 fishing lines

4 straws/stirrers

2 foam take-away containers

2 ropes

1 fishing buoy

1 fishing net

This substantial amount of waste was all either in the water or in the vicinity of the water, but has now been removed and properly disposed of to prevent it from further damaging our environment.