Sea Cub Marine Challenge

Eriú News

On Wed July 9th, 8u Calafort hosted the first Sea Cub Marine Challenge. We were delighted to have enthusiastic teams from 3 Participating Packs: Dalkey Sea Cubs (3rd Port), Banba Sea Cubs (8ú Calafort, Sat Pack) and Eriú Sea Cubs (8ú Calafort, Wed Pack)

48 cubs took part, and each cub chose 2 of the following events: knotting; heaving a line; swim race with life jacket; swim race without life jacket; dinghy single paddle race. All cubs joined the fun of novelty team dinghy race, keeping their egg “hostage” safe and dressing their pirate captain!

Skipper Brian Welsh and Peadar Tobin kept an experienced eye on proceedings and ran the VHF safety station from New Moon and Pandora. Both boats were dressed all over lending a real sense of occasion to the night and the DMYC kindly opened their bar and viewing deck facilities so parents, supporters and siblings could make a lovely evening of the event.

Many thanks to visiting leaders, helpful parents, Gasóga and Fodhla volunteers who kindly helped out to make the night such a success.